Pile Rehabilitation

Pile Rehabilitation (Concrete, Timber, Steel)

Seaward Marine Corporation offers the following pile evaluation and rehabilitation services. Evaluations and repair recommendations are completed by our team of experienced divers and professional engineers with decades of experience evaluating underwater structures and estimating realistic repair costs. Repairs are conducted by our staff of underwater construction divers.

  • Evaluating the type and extent of pile damage
  • Recommending methods and estimated costs of repairing the piles
  • Repairing the piles using industry standard pile repair methods including:
    • Concrete crack repairs involve cleaning and surface preparation, application of
      high-strength epoxies and grout, addition of tensile reinforcement or post-
      tensioning, routing and corrosion inhibiter injection with sealing to prevent further
      crack advancement, and localized sectional removal of poor areas to be reformed
      and new concrete poured in place.
    • Concrete spall, delamination, and scale repairs are similar to crack repairs, however,
      they usually require a larger area to be cleaned and chipped out, steel reinforcement
      added and addition of more repair material.
    • Steel repairs include proper assessment and cleaning of corroded members to
      precede the coating of our Hycoat 151 anti corrosive underwater epoxy paint or other
      approved products. Additional strength stiffeners can also be added and encased
      within an FRP jacket filled with epoxies and corrosion inhibitors.
    • Timber repairs include epoxy injection to fill in voids due to corrosion, and then
      “wrapped” with a synthetic, corrosion resistant jacket.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the repairs on an ongoing basis
  • “Before” and “After” video-taping of the structure condition

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