Welding & Cutting

Underwater Welding & Cutting Services

Seaward Marine Corporation employs American Welding Society (AWS) certified underwater welders. This talented pool of seasoned professionals regularly builds, repairs, and demolishes steel underwater using proven welding and cutting techniques in the challenging marine environment. Typical projects include:

  • Sheet piles
  • Cylindrical or square piles
  • Underwater formwork and associated hardware
  • Salvage and recovery operations
  • Underwater construction projects
  • Naval ship and submarine repair and maintenance

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Seaward Marine Corporation ensures nondiscrimination in all programs and activities in accordance with the Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If you need more information or special assistance for persons with disabilities or limited English proficiency, contact our Human Resource division at (757) 558-3939 (TYY/TDD users, call 711) or email info@seawardmarinecorp.com