Power Plant Inspections

Nuclear, Fossil, & Hydroelectric Dam & Plant Services

Our providential location within the Chesapeake bay in Eastern Virginia to include all its major rivers, reservoirs, lakes, canals, and associated navigable waterways provides the state of Virginia with one of the largest hydroelectric and fossil fuel energy producing industries in the nation. Western Virginia is very mountainous, covered by the Allegheny and Blue Ridge mountains and is saturated with both Local and Federal government as well as privately owned power plants, dams and generation stations.

Seaward Marine provides professional consulting and commercial diving services to an impressive customer base. We provide detailed and complete analysis for all of our customer’s underwater inspection, assessment, design, and marine construction needs. In addition to our full service construction capabilities we perform all levels of underwater structural inspections and repairs which includes, certified underwater and surface welding, dredging, underwater grouts and concrete as well as the U.S. Governments sole source application of Hycoat 151 anti corrosive underwater epoxy paint and Hycoat 461 epoxy filler.

Our capability to rapidly respond to emergencies and conduct commercial mixed gas diving operations to 300 feet throughout the world is unmatched.

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